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Mental Health Insights


We’ve collected results across the United Kingdom to give you insights into the mental state of the workforce at the moment. Click the button below to request a copy of our findings once the survey is complete.

At Kooth Work, our mission is to improve mental health in all workspaces. Our latest survey asks some key mental health questions to the workforce, which we are able to segment to your industry, and share these results to give you a better insight into what areas should be highlighted in your company mental health strategy.

Scroll down for last years results and our new workplace calculator tool.


Free Workplace Calculator Tool
We’ve created a free tool that uses our platform data, alongside industry leading data to give you a full breakdown of the mental health landscape and associated costs with amazing accuracy.

Download the 2019 Survey Results
Our 2019 survey looked into similar insights, asking key questions to people who work in Human Resources. Click the button below to download the full 2019 results.

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