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Your employees need mental health support that gives them choice.

Kooth Work is a Positive Virtual Environment of Mental Health for ALL employees. The cost of poor mental health in the workplace is a significant drag on productivity and creativity with the most recent estimate by Deloitte putting this at £45bn per year¹. Worryingly, two thirds of these costs are linked to employees coming to work when they are not well. Poor mental health is impacting younger employees in the workplace disproportionately and Deloitte explain that the current approach to supporting employees is just not working and new prevention and early intervention services are required to address this employee sustainability crisis. 


Online Counselling

Kooth Work offers chat-based counselling through our award winning platform. Users can connect to a counsellor in minutes, either for a one-off or as a booked, structured session. 

Self Help Toolkit

Our self help toolkit builds on the idea of choice. We give users the tools to improve their mental wellbeing on their own, with trackable goals, a journal and mood tracking within the toolkit. 

Forums & Articles

Getting advice from others is essential for some users. We have live forums and discussion boards that encourage peer-to-peer support, as well as a library of articles, written by both users and mental health professionals.

Your EAP reimagined into a platform for everybody.


Kooth Work is designed to work alongside your organisation’s Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). Our streamlined onboarding/offboarding process makes it easy for employees to join the platform, and also easy for you to control access.

Availability is everything

Poor mental health can strike at any time, and Kooth work is there when you need it, operating 24/7 and accessible from any device. Being an anonymous digital service also means that Kooth Work sees higher than average usage from harder to reach communities within your employee base.


Kooth Users

Years of Experience

Counsellors & Practitioners

Trusted by the NHS

Clinically Robust 

Behind Kooth Work is a huge clinical team, full of hundreds of Counsellors, Pyschotherapists, Wellbeing Practitioners, Safeguarding Leads and Doctors working to provide a platform robust enough to meet the highest of clinical standards.

Anonymous Support

Users of Kooth Work are able to use the site with complete anonymity. We will encourage users to never disclose their identities, to keep the platform safe and trusted by the user.

Safeguarding Team

Our Safeguarding Team is dedicated to ensuring the safety of every single one of our users. We ensure that any activity that may be harmful to the user or other people is dealt with, and referred on to the appropriate pathways. 

NHS & BACP Approved

Kooth has been accredited by the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists, as well as being named a Trusted Delivery Partner of the NHS, currently supplying services to 75% of areas in England & Wales.


Not just a product.
An End-to-End Wellbeing Solution.

Kooth Work is designed to inform you of the largest issues that your employees are facing whilst keeping them anonymous. Your bespoke reports will highlight issues such as stress, anxiety or depression in certain areas, and our expert advice will provide you with support and resources you need to help deal with problem areas. 

Bespoke Implementation Strategy

Every organisation is different. Just like employees, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Our implementation team will work with you to align our onboarding/offboarding solution, set up comprehensive reports, liaise with our in house marketing & design teams, and create the perfect implementation strategy to maximise take-up of the platform. 

Branded Marketing Materials

Our in-house marketing and design team will work with you to create marketing assets to spread the word inside your organisation. We can help you create:

 – Posters, Leaflets and Flyers
 – A Bespoke Entry Point
 – Banner Ads for Email Footers
 – Acquisition Emails & Email Content
 – Communications Strategy

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